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“Damon and Elena are obviously not together at the moment because he’s not with us. But I think what’s beautiful is in the show they are together spiritually because she’s missing him so deeply and he is dying to get back to her so profoundly. Even though, they’re not physically with each other, that’s what each of them want so badly and so much of the first part of the season is trying to draw them back together and then all the things that get in their way, and its bad. It’s bad, but it’s beautiful. Happy tears. Sad tears…. So, they’re longing for each other and longing is just as beautiful as being together in a lot of ways too.”

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"I’m not Mr. Debonair Suave. I’m just a regular boy who goofs around, pulls pranks, and makes jokes. That doesn’t sound very hot to me.

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Sassy!Damon knows how to get acquainted

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damon and elena are going to be longing for each other in different dimensions or whichever, this is the worst, i’ll see you all in therapy 


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delena rewatch meme
[1/2] scenes → 2 favourite DE moments per season: season → season 3

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“What’s going on with Stefan? How is he dealing with Damon not being there?
It’s funny, over the hiatus I was talking to Julie Plec and said, “What’s Stefan doing?” And she’s like, “Well he’s searching for his brother.” And I was like, “No, he’s not! He’s cut himself off and he’s left town.” She was like, “I really like that.” So, she wrote this really interesting take on Stefan. He’s decided to shut off his emotions and you think he’s searching for his brother but he’s really just lying to everyone. He’s started his own life. He wants nothing to do with anyone, he’s done.”

—   Paul Wesley (x)

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TVD meme[4/8] Events
∟ “”The founding families in Mystic Falls welcomes you to the inaugural founder’s council celebration.” Wow, look, it’s the original guest registry. Look at all these familiar names—Sheriff William Forbes, Mayor Benjamin Lockwood. Is that Damon Salvatore? And, Stefan Salvatore?”

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Nina Dobrev for Nylon Magazine [August 2014]

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